Saturday, June 11, 2011

Suggestions from Viewers Like YOU!

I need to know where you want me to go and if you have any reccommendations for where I should go to review!
If you have heard of a Mexican restaurant and just aren't brave enough to be the first to try it, let me be your guinea pig!

If you want my opinion on a restaurant you went to recently, let me know, and if you've discovered what you think is the best Mexican you've ever tasted, PLEASE let me know!

Most importantly, since I'm working on an actors budget, I want to know where the best deals are! None of this over-priced-because-it's-in-Manhattan stuff, you know? Come on!

Okay people, let me have it.


  1. Welcome to NY! I'm from Texas and also continually seek authentic (and cheap) Mexican food. My suggestions:

    --La Esquina (in Soho): amazing breakfast tacos (and other stuff, but I've only had the tacos)
    --​Tulcingo Del Valle (in Hell's Kitchen): haven't been, but have heard great things.

    My other suggestions are in Brooklyn, if you decide to venture out:
    --Nuevo Mexico (in Park Slope)--my favorite in NY
    --Fonda (in Park Slope)--not as cheap as we're used, but it's worth the slurge for the upscale Oaxacan-style food.
    --Red Hook Vendors (food trucks line a ballpark, gets crowded, they've been doing it from May-Oct for like 30 years)
    --Tulcingo Deli Vi (in Sunset Park). This neighborhood is known for authentic Mexican food, much of it along 5th Ave.

    Good luck on your quest! Also, I write a blog about NY (an insider's guide), you may find some things of interest since you just moved here.


  2. Thanks so much Mindy! I'll write these down and get right to it! it will be fun to branch out to all boroughs. Keep checking back to see when I review your restaurants!

  3. Kels! You've gotta go to La Esquina!! That's the place Will & I went on our date while we were visiting. The corn was AMAZING. They have the cafe on the street level as well as the dinner dining by reservation only inside. Yum yum yum. I wanna come back and go review it with you :)

  4. Love this Kels! I also have heard great things about La Esquina. I'm so excited to read more! :)

  5. Lacey- let's go! I remember Beth and Will going and some pics they showed me. You can be my co-reviewer (as a fellow California Girl) on that one! hehe.